PLI Checker Lite 3.5.0 – New Version Released !!!

A tool for comparing PLI/RPLI figures accounted in SAP with premium collected in Mccamish. This tool can generate detailed and consolidated comparison reports along with error extracts if any differences detected. So you can easily find out delinquent offices and ask them to make necessary corrections quickly. Uses SQLite3 DB, hence data access will be isolated from other computers. Detailed instructions included.
Please run the installer extracted from the zip file downloaded, it will upgrade your current Application without losing your data or install fresh for new users. You do not have to uninstall the old version.


  • Uses SQLite3, so usage will be isolated to one PC
  • Compare PLI/RPLI figures in SAP with collections done in McCamish
  • Automatic error extract generation
  • Wrongly mapped offices can be corrected using Office Config Menu in Tools Window
  • CPC Name included in error extract
  • Consolidated and Detailed Comparison Reports can generated
  • Comparison Report for RPLI and PLI can be generated at the same time
  • Error extract number can be edited and it will increment with every error extract generation
  • Layout bug from the month Jul 2020 fixed
  • Comparison report can be generated as PDF file
  • Each error extract can be printed in seperate pages
  • EEs can be send by eMail for more safety during COVID-19 time
  • New Menu added in Tools for mapping duplicate McCamish Office Names New
  • Optimized excel data upload and made the process faster New

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